As a mentor, there are different ways you can contribute to the program. 

Do you have an alma mater you want to mentor?
  • Contact the school and see if they have a team
  • If they don't have a team, try seeing if you can help get one started
Do you want to mentor a school, but don't know where?
  • Contact Toni and let her know the location that would work for you -or-
  • Contact Cyber Hui ( and let them know the location that would work for you -or-
  • Email CyberPatriot ( and let them know you are looking for a school
Do you want to put on a workshop or mass training class?
  • Contact Cyber Hui to see about scheduling the class
I don't want to go it alone or have time to do it all by myself.
  • An option is to team up with some other mentors and share the time. This has worked well in the past
  • Make sure you are up front with the Team's coach and let him/her know your intentions as a mentor
  • Don't leave the team or coach hanging. This causes a lot of frustration and has an impact on the program
How much time should I allot for training?
  • Typically 1 to 2 hours a week
  • Work with the coach to establish a good time to meet with the students
  • Try to maintain a set schedule
Where do I get training material?