Roles and Responsibilities

There are 3 primary roles for the CyberPatriot competition: Coach, Students/Competitors, and Mentors. The below roles/responsibilities were pulled from the CyberPatriot VI rules book

Coach - (Adult Leader): Supervises, chaperones team. 
a. Competitor Protection. The Coach’s responsibility includes controlling access to minor students in a way that protects them, respects parental prerogatives, and follows legal requirements. Additionally, a Coach shall be:
(1) Accountable for the interaction of Mentors and Team Assistants with the Competitors.
(2) Responsible for Competitor safety and protection for all the competition training, 
events, and rounds.

b. Competition Integrity. Ensuring competition integrity is essential to the fairness of the competition. Once the competition begins, the Coach must ensure that their Competitors receive no outside assistance to include assistance from Mentors and Team Assistants. The Coach may continue to provide clarification of rules and permissible actions per this document. The Coach upholds the guiding and operating principles of the competition at the team level. 

c. Official Point of Contact. The Coach is the official point of contact for a team. Official CyberPatriot correspondence is emailed to Coaches, who may disseminate it to their teams. It is essential that Coaches monitor their email for up-to-date information because Competitors will not receive it directly from the CyberPatriot Program Office. It is therefore important that Coaches ensure they are capable of receiving messages from the CyberPatriot Program Office ( through their chosen email domains. The role of official point of 
contact may not be delegated to a Mentor, unless the Mentor is appointed as a Coach Alternate (below).

Students/Competitors - Up to 10 registered on roster, 2 to 5 compete at one time.
It is responsibility of Competitors to abide by the CyberPatriot Competitor Code of Conduct

Mentor - (Technical Advisor) (optional): Adult that helps the Coach teach cyber concepts.
Mentors shall follow the CyberPatriot Program’s guiding and operating principles and are responsible for:
a. Advising the team’s Coach on skills status.
b. Developing, with the Coach’s guidance, a plan to teach cyber defense skills and ethics.
c. Teaching and assisting Competitors with cyber skills and ethics. 
d. Meeting with the team only with the Coach’s approval.
e. NOT teaching hacking skills or offensive cyber tactics to Competitors.